Meet Me Downtown at Spearfish Creek Wine Bar

Spearfish Creek Wine Bar: off-the-wall wines, beer, food and friends celebrating everything great about Spearfish.

What inspired you to own a business in Spearfish?

The wine bar is such a cozy, homey little place. After working here for a few years, I feel in love with it and all of the customers! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase it!

What is your favorite activity or place to visit in the Spearfish area?

Hiking in Spearfish Canyon.

Coffee or tea?

Tea! I'm still trying to like coffee!

Do you prefer early mornings or are you a night owl?

Bar tending several nights a week has turned me into a night owl.

Allison, owner of Spearfish Creek Wine Bar.

What is the best way to get to know Spearfish Creek Wine Bar better?

Stop in for a beer or glass of wine. Enjoy a cheese tray while soaking up the sun on one of our two patios!

If you are going to treat yourself, which Spearfish  business do you visit?

Antunez for dinner and 2 Broke Girls for shopping.

What makes Spearfish a special place to conduct business?

We are truly blessed with the best community! Everyone is so supportive. The businesses in Spearfish really work together and support one another.

What would your dream adventure be?

I would love to travel throughout Europe and taste ALL the wine :)

What are three small things that always brighten your day?

Facetiming with my niece and nephew (they live in AZ). Sunny days and smiles always help too!