Meet Me Downtown at False Bottom

False Bottom is a full service bar featuring foosball, darts, pool tables, and more!

What inspired you to own a business in Spearfish?

Seeing my dad succeed as a small business owner in Spearfish.

What is your favorite activity or place to visit in the Spearfish area?

I love riding on the bike path that runs along the creek through the City Park to the Canyon. It is especially fun to do ride it with my kids.

Coffee or tea?

Straight tea with honey!

Do you prefer early mornings or are you a night owl?

I'm a late night kinda guy! 

Luke and Jenny Donovan, and their children

What is the best way to get to know False Bottom

Come in and experience the atmosphere, play some foosball, ping-pong,

pool, shuffleboard, ring our bell, and play some cards!

If you are going to treat yourself, which Spearfish
business do you visit?

My two favorite places are Wild Rose and Flying E Floral and Designs.

What makes Spearfish a special place to conduct business?

The small town feel and everyone helps everyone else. People give each

other their own business and the money stays in Spearfish.

Marc Lewis and his family

What would your dream adventure be?

I would love to take a 12 day cruise to Europe.

What are three small things that always brighten your day?

Seeing my kids and wife smile and getting to talk to my dad each and every day.