Meet Me Downtown at Antunez Cuisine

Antunez Cuisine is a premiere restaurant serving Mexican, Latin & Hispanic Cuisine as well as fine charcuterie, wine & beer, all in a beautiful and exciting Old World setting.

What inspired you to own a business in Spearfish?

We have received overwhelming support and loving interest from our community. It is the people of Spearfish that have helped us push forward to open a business!

What is your favorite activity or place to visit in the Spearfish area?

The hiking and biking trails along the creek are awesome!

Jared Headshot-1.jpg

Jared DeGraf, Owner and Chef of Antunez Cuisine

Coffee or tea?

Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon and evening.

Do you prefer early mornings or are you a night owl?

I prefer early mornings, but rarely wake up to meet them. So a night owl it is!

What is the best way to get to know Antunez Cuisine better?

Come in, sit down, and eat. Enjoy the beautiful and unique atmosphere we have created for you!

If you are going to treat yourself, which Spearfish business do you visit?

Because of our love of food, it would only be fitting to spoil ourselves with more food! Dough Trader and Fuji San Sushi are two personal favorites.

What makes Spearfish a special place to conduct business?

Conducting business in a small community is incredibly rewarding. We get to establish lasting relationships with our clientele. We get to know them over time and that is always the most fun for us!

What would your dream adventure be?

A tour of Europe on the backroads. I would want to get to know the local towns and cuisine intimately.

What are three small things that always brighten your day?

Hugs, compliments, and lending a helping hand.